In 1987, my dad had a 1955 Buick. (no seat belts required). It was Cherokee red and white and I used to ride alongside him in the front seat. I couldn’t see out the front window and my legs would hover above the floor but I felt like a king when I was sitting there. When I turned 11 my dad was low on cash and unfortunately had to sell it. I was super disappointed. I always thought it would be the car I would learn to drive in, having watched both my sister and brother learning in her. I told myself that one day I would own one. 25 years later and I bought a 1954, Chevy Bel Air. It wasn’t a Buick, but it is was what I wanted, a classic. Restored her from an Electric blue to the Horizon Blue hue you see today. An easy subject to capture and I could do it every day.

Utah with Dad and Tony