Greek Islands.

Acropolis Selfie
My trip to Greece was amazing. Flew into Athens and bought a hop on hop off boat pass through the Greek Islands. It was scary and exciting to not know where I was going and let the wind take me.

I was in my mid-thirties and single. Living in Dubai and most of my work was travelling to Egypt to do photoshoots and present work to the Prime Minister of Egypt. I thought I needed to travel to Greece because I didn’t know if and when I would be back in the Middle East. So, I bought my ticket, had some cash in my pocket and a Lonely Planet book in hand.

Travelled through the islands on moped mostly and staying in the best hotels (cheapest 1-bed rooms). It was lovely, warm and one of the best solo trips of my life.

Donkey Selfie Oai Santorini

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